What We Do

Our goal with each client is to build a lasting relationship based on trust. Genesis trademark is trust:

•  Creating a firm foundation of trust with our clients to fully articulate concerns and aspirations

• Only with established trust are we able to provide you with the expertise to help identify your needs, provide unbiased advice, and develop strategies so that your aspirations become reality

How do we establish our relationship with you?

First, we listen.

Next, we create a tailored plan that may include intensive tactical analyses matched to state-of-the-art practices. All information is distilled into your organization’s personalized action plan.

Then, and only then, we work with you to implement our recommended strategies, refine where necessary, and ultimately fully integrate the agreed-upon initiatives so that you attain your stated goals.

Genesis Consulting services include:

Strategic Management & Planning — Create exact processes to help you establish business objectives, benchmark successful practices, and implement growth plans. Unbiased advice; real-world plans.

Differentiated Workforce StrategiesDevelop highly effective talent acquisition and retention strategies, including creating a unique set of organizational activities that bring the value proposition to the customer. Initiate, engage, collaborate, and evolve. 

Organizational Development & Design — Develop customized models to energize and align the knowledge, skills, talents and performance of your workforce to meet current and future business needs. Effective employee development.

Culture & Change Management — Provide process to identify and describe culture, assess cultural competence, develop effective change initiatives reducing turnover at all levels. Engaging your workforce in positive change.

Diversity Development — Engage diverse workforce to maximize financial potential and business performance by broadening employee and customer base. Providing solutions for workforce of tomorrow—today. 

Executive Coaching and Development — Provide objective coaching services to enhance communications, leadership practices and effectiveness. Individualized guide in development of personal goals; commitment so that employee engagement is maximized. Personalized, transformative leadership skills.

Genesis clients quickly discover goals are attainable, obstacles are overcome and forward, and that positive positioning is more than manageable—it is enjoyable.