Hyman Albritton,
Principal and co-founder

 Hyman Albritton is co-founder of Genesis Consulting, a DBE certified strategic business consultancy. A brilliant strategic thinker with notable success in creating positive corporate cultures through recruiting and internal transformation efforts, Albritton has established a national reputation for providing value-added services to companies and organizations. He has produced significant results for clients in a number of organizations, spanning virtually all industrial sectors.

Prior to launching Genesis as co-founder and senior partner, Albritton garnered extensive experience in business and human resources in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. He has developed diversity recruiting initiatives, leadership development programs and innovative performance management systems for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small to mid-size businesses and organizations. At Genesis, in addition to his vast corporate experience, Albritton has established business partnerships with organizations such as the National Black MBA Association, The Society of Hispanic MBAs, The National Association of Black Accountants and other female and minority organizations.

Accomplishments aside, Albritton has a unique capacity to connect with individuals, enabling him to initiate and apply practical, people-focused solutions within any size organization. Albritton’s proven ability to remember the people behind the numbers translates into change management plans that energize rather than disengage an organizations’ workforce.

Kathryn Tarantino,
Principal and co-founder

Kathryn Tarantino is co-founder of Genesis Consulting, a DBE-certified, strategic business consultancy with clients throughout the Midwest. She works with clients in the areas of leadership and diversity development, labor relations and the Genesis Group’s signature work in design and execution of workforce strategies.

Genesis has a reputation for helping organizations establish and secure viable cultures with fully engaged employees—significantly reducing management and associate turnover.

Prior to launching Genesis, Tarantino had established an unparalleled career in business management within corporate America. She established Genesis more than a decade ago and has been instrumental in making it one of the premier consultancies in the region.

With proven leadership and development talent, Tarantino is known to create remarkable successes. Her strategic work in employee engagement and building strong cultures has been recognized in a variety of industry sectors including financial services, real-estate development, food services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution and not-for-profit organizations.

Tarantino is fully qualified to conduct, analyze and recommend from a variety of performance and personality indicators (including but not limited to Myers- Briggs Type Indicator, Career Anchors, 360 processes, and Individual Development Plans). Tarantino has the extraordinary ability to work with all levels of talent with warmth, humor and professionalism so that the personal best of each individual and each corporation is distilled to its finest element—and then powered to move forward.

A female and minority owned, DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)-certified firm, headquartered in Columbus, OH.