Proven Results

Builders Resource Group
Columbus, OH

Regional residential real estate developer with multiple business units and annual sales exceeding $150 million.  Client challenged with integrating and developing synergies between business units while maintaining superior growth demand.

Services provided included extensive organizational analysis, business strategic planning advisor, recruitment and selection of key staff, executive coaching and business recommendations for this regional real estate developer and subsidiaries.  Recommendations implemented.


Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)
Columbus, OH

Local transit authority challenged with addressing growing traffic congestion using innovative solutions and operational efficiency in a downturn economy.  Client issued a request for proposal to secure consultation with conducting an internal analysis aimed at identifying and providing solutions in the areas of efficiency, customer satisfaction, operational excellence and organizational structure. 

Services included conducting an analysis and assessment of functional and operation departments, reviewing labor agreements and their effect on operational efficiency and payroll costs, and assessing the effectiveness of the Human Resource function. Proposed recommendations include strategic realignment of the Human Resources function and an organizational realignment.


McDonald’s Corporation
dba Kilroy Restaurants, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Services provided included ongoing employee relation’s solutions, organizational growth development plans, and strategic human resources counsel for this major franchise operation with more than ten restaurants within the McDonald’s corporate system, which has annual sales exceeding 19 million. Owned and operated by William Kilroy.


Insurance/Financial Industry

Nationwide Financial/Insurance Group
Columbus, OH

This insurance/financial institution is a leader in home owner, and property/casualty insurance with annual revenue in excess of 18.5 Billion.

Provided counsel and tangible employee tools for this leading insurance and financial services company.  Developed partnership with the Executive Staffing function to conduct interviews, planning, and orientation analysis to create “on-boarding” modules for executives.  Conducted talent acquisition research and sourcing for multi-cultural marketing initiatives.


Progressive Insurance
Cleveland, OH

This insurance group ranks third as leader in the automotive insurance industry with annual revenue exceeding 17.6 billion.

Lead consultant to develop Workforce Development Strategy encompassing a Leadership Development System (competency-based model) for the Claims Division, spanning over 11,600 staff members.  Further translation to refine and execute imperatives as: diversity development, pay for proficiency, and ‘special lines’ product development. This group ranks third as leader in the automotive insurance industry.


Outcomes Management Group (OMG)
Columbus, OH

Developed an alliance with OMG, providing strategic planning and cultural competency training to several Fortune 500 companies.


General Motors Corporation
Detroit, MI

Served as lead consultants on planning team facilitating the strategic planning process for the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources developed jointly by both UAW and GM. The center is the world’s largest privately funded educational institution.


Rich Food Products
Buffalo, NY

Services provided includes leadership development, project management, cultural change development and management coaching for this consumer food service supplier with major plant is located in Hilliard, Ohio, Niles, Illinois and Buffalo, New York.


School Systems:

Millennium Charter School
Columbus, OH

Growing charter school grappling with effective communications and teamwork amongst its leadership and staff affecting the overall delivery of services and academic excellence.

Developed workshop and facilitated team-building principles, to build trust in the organization’s leadership and open communications to foster a healthy working environment.


New Albany – Plain Local Schools
New Albany, OH

Nationally recognized Blue Ribbon school district, realizing phenomenal population growth, and achieving “excellent” academic achievement ratings by the State of Ohio.  School District challenged with securing financial security to maintain and sustain its academic and operation success for the next 3 years.

Developed process, led and facilitated a fifty-member finance committee through the evaluation of the school district’s budget forecast and revenue options in order to make a series of recommendations to the school board to secure funding over a three-year period.  Served as an advisor to the school district’s levy campaign committee.  School levy successfully passed.


Ulrey Foods
Platte City, OH

Central Ohio based food distributor with annual sales in excess of $5.2 million, position for growth within the regional area.

Developed an employee handbook for this growing food distributor to service its multi-unit facilities which average $1.0 million in annual sales.  Provide extensive counsel in the area of staffing, policy interpretation, and employee relations to maintain effective employee communications. Initiated a workplace drug-abuse prevention policy which included facilitation and results management.


South Central Ohio Minority Business Council
Columbus, OH

Minority business council serving minority businesses, corporations and governmental agencies in fifty counties in Southern Ohio. 

Led and facilitated the SCOMBC’s Board of Directors through a three-year strategic planning session.  Board developed and adopted “keys to success,” goals and objective for a five-year cycle.


Columbus Workforce Alliance
Columbus, OH

Not-for-profit organization assessing, coordinating and evaluating the service delivery of services for its constituent clients related to employment services to Columbus residents that are low income, unemployed, underemployed or no longer in the labor force.

Conducted focus groups to support a broader research initiative on the plight of unemployment among low-income, unemployed and underemployed members of the Columbus community to determine obstacles that may prevent these members from securing gainful employment and service delivery by constituent clients.  Findings incorporated into the findings of the broader research study.


In-Kind Services

AME Church Wellness Program
Columbus, Ohio

Hard Hatted Women, Cleveland OH Hard Hatted Women is a nonprofit membership organization that provides support and advocacy for women working in or seeking employment in blue-collar, nontraditional jobs. Through education, preparatory training, support and policy programs, goal is to increase employment opportunities and improve working conditions for women.


Valley Forge, PA.

A pharmaceutical distribution organization which services retail pharmacies, hospitals and the medical community.  ABC provides specialty pharmaceutical distribution and related services to physicians within US and Canada.  AmerisourceBergen focuses on logistics, commercialization, and packaging services for drug manufacturers and pharmacies.

Lead consultant serving the North Region Sales Division within the areas of organizational design and development.  Extensive consulting with leadership and expanded sales force in the areas of operational planning, self-diagnostics and individual development plans to exceed sales goals for highest producing region, being $25 billion.


Comcast Cable Communications
Philadelphia, PA (serving North Central Region, Houston Region).

Founded in 1963.  Nation’s leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products & services. 

Lead consultant to help facilitate the merger of Houston Region as a Comcast entity.  Extensive travel and focus on improving people practices (recruitment, retention) which directly impact the productivity and profitability of their marketplace. 


Columbus, Ohio

Real estate development company which is over 90 years old; includes business lines such as:  brokerage, Solutions (consulting) and Far-Site (GIS, quantitative/statistical tools).

Trusted advisor known as an owner counseling owners. Genesis retained role is to lead and coach and direct the organizational design of this systems transformation as a real estate development core business to multiple entities including brokerage, consulting,  and property management.  Genesis assessments and planning skills allow Skilken to establish direction, time lines and action plans to grow and sustain this reputable family business serving the greater Mid-west for over 90 years.   


Incarnate Word Academy
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio convent founded in May 1927.  Academy (school) established in 1930, enrollment 500 students (K-8).  Provide extensive services in the area of people systems:  recruitment, staffing, on-boarding and leadership development as the Academy transitions to majority of roles with lay staff. Serve as an active board member responsible for creating a strategic plan to sustain this amazing learning institution which is financially independent of the Diocese.


Notation:  Genesis Consulting Group client’s listed w/in proven results also serve as references for Genesis Consulting Group, dba,   Because of the sensitive nature of our work w/ people and organizational development, contact names & numbers are provided upon request.